Bring Your Vision To Life

How Much Longer Will You Settle For “Good” When the Extraordinary Is Waiting For You?

You have dreams

About a supportive, loving relationship, quality time with your loved ones, a new profession, business, career, community activity, writing and publishing that book, creating your independence, a new home or remodeling the current one, excellent health, and vitality.

You have dreams about anything, you cherish in your heart, what you long for deep within, what you hope for.

But something is holding you back.

You don’t know how to go about it, and you question if it is possible at all. Maybe you’ve failed several times and gave up, or perhaps you haven’t even tried at all. You feel like you’re alone, that you don’t have the support, or you’re not smart enough, educated enough. You might think you are too old, or not old enough, or your surroundings suggest it’s not the right time.


Your possibilities are limitless!

You are capable of far more than you can believe or imagine.

But perhaps you are still questioning your abilities because

  • you know the circumstances too well
  • your limitations are tangible
  • you have a range of evidence and arguments at your disposal

I can boldly and confidently tell you that the power within you is greater than any circumstance, situation, or condition. And this is not just a good-sounding ad text, but the Truth.

There were times in my life when I didn’t think there was a way out. I couldn’t believe that it was possible, not for me.

But then, I came across a proven, reliable, repeatable system of transformation that makes dreams come true in the physical world. It’s called The DreamBuilder®.


The DreamBuilder gives you the ability to achieve your dreams and build the life you really want.

In the DreamBuilder® Program, there are 10 principles that will skyrocket your success when you apply them to your life.

In the Vision Workshop, we’ll touch on THREE of these principles that you can use right away to help you create a life you absolutely love.

So if you’re in for the possibility of creating something even more amazing for your life, click the button below and watch The Power of Vision workshop.

Experience the Power of your vision

Learn more about how you can elegantly and consciously build your dreams and create the life you REALLY want and join me for a Vision Workshop!

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Who Accompany You on the Journey

Viktoria Seavey

Viktoria Seavey

dreambuilder coach, awareness mentor


As a heart-centered transformational life coach and holistic teacher, I empower people to design and create a life they would love to experience no matter what their current circumstances are. 

Through my healing journey and life path from Hungary to now living in the U.S., I am committed to the quest to fall in love with life repeatedly. With a B.A. in social pedagogy and family education in Hungary, I started with a spiritual counseling practice to now growing my wellness enterprise worldwide.

For over 18 years, I have studied and implemented transformational principles and tools. As a sought-after speaker, teacher, and certified life coach, my workshops and coaching programs help people break through limitations and achieve new heights of happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual awareness.

I have coached and mentored groups and individuals nationally and internationally, both in English and Hungarian. I have trained practitioners in emotional healing methods and worked with medical professionals, naturopaths, and holistic healers to raise awareness of the effectiveness and legitimacy of integrative and alternative healing practices.

My passion is sharing my experience and journey to help others connect more deeply with their intuition and imagination to heal themselves from the inside out as they are discovering their truths—becoming fulfilled and experiencing greater freedom.

If you are looking to increase your clarity, amplify your confidence, and achieve your next level of awareness, my workshops and in-depth coaching programs can help you get there.

In The Power of Vision workshop, I share how I overcame difficulties and became a DreamBuilder while also showing you three keys to mastering your results.


What Do Those Who Worked With Me Say

“If there is anything worth investing in, whether you feel it was a success or not, it’s your life.”

I would absolutely recommend working with Viktoria. She is inspiring, and her approach to life-work makes it enjoyable, and just having her support and positivity is helpful in itself. She shines light on aspects of people and their accomplishments that one may not see in themselves. She brings hope and motivation to keep going.

The DreamBuilder Program is great because there is structure. It makes you really take a deeper look into your life, your dream, and your way of thinking. It helps clarify what you want in life and gives you the steps to take to clear the path.

Danielle Palansky from Patterson, NY, USA

Senior Purchasing Agent - Pharmaceuticals

“It helped me shift my energy to the positive.”

I was seeking family relationships and creative fulfillment. Low self-esteem and self-judgment caused me to doubt my worth.

The DreamBuilder Program was very, very helpful in getting me to focus. Meditations and exercises helped pinpoint my behavior and push through the chatter in my brain. It helped me shift my energy to the positive. I clarified what direction I wanted to go with my life and my renewed energy.

Viktoria has an intuitive insight on how to get unstuck in old useless patterns of behavior. As a result of the work we have done together, my relationships have improved, and I now move forward on my project.

A DreamBuilder from MA, USA


“Having opportunities at my main job to integrate the wellness work, which is where my passion lies.”

I would say to anyone that they would be extremely fortunate to work with Viktoria because she is an insightful, skilled coach with a beautiful presence. She has made DreamBuilding a fun experience too, which I think is an important element.

Overall, I feel like I received tools that are easy to use and have given me a more expansive, fun, joyful approach to bringing about what I wish for my life.

It was absolutely worth it!

Shari Khalil from Abington, MA, USA

Administrative Assistant/Yoga Teacher

What Are 3 Keys to Master Your Results

Learn about how you can elegantly and consciously build your dreams and create the life you REALLY want, and join me for a free Vision Workshop!

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✓  You will leave the presentation inspired, motivated, energetic…

✓ … and even a surprise is waiting for you :)