I love it. Thank you so so much for such a lovely day focusing on my intentions for my dreams for a contented life. I’m so grateful. Especially for your help in going still and deep to listen to my intuition. 

And then, a month later…

Something has shifted!

I feel grounded in my decision to stay in the Berkshires, I have refreshed the WAM office, made myself an office space, had a meeting with a mortgage broker at the bank and am feeling revitalized in my day to day life. The board is the last thing I see on my way to work every day and the first thing I see when I come into my living room – it always brings a smile to my face.

I am also very grateful for the quiet moment of reflection you led me through as I tried to focus my intention – I have revisited that many times and am doing it in my day to day life. When I feel overwhelmed/overstimulated, I close my eyes, get quiet, breathe and allow my intuition to center itself so I can ‘see’ what’s coming.

It’s been wonderful. A real gift. Thank you!

Kristen van Ginhoven
Artistic Director, Co-Founder
WAM Theatre

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