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A Secret Formula to Happiness

Cultivating Self-love

What If You Had Emotional Freedom, Inner Peace & a Colorful Life Filled With Joy and Love?

What if your ability to love and accept yourself changed…

  • from this… 13%
  • to this… 47%
  • or even to this? 89%

How would your life be different?

A Secret Formula That Helps in Overcoming Challenges & Finding Joy

As a life coach, I help people who are going through hard times to come out better on the other side. In my self-love coaching program, we work together to redefine the connection with yourself so you can start looking at your life from a different perspective. Reconnecting with yourself through self-love will enable you to make powerful choices that can transform sadness into joy, frustration into peace, fear into love, illness into well-being. 

What Is Self-love?

Self-love is NOT narcissism, egotism or selfishness.

Self-love is knowing, renewing and accepting oneself. Self-love is like coming home after a tormenting journey. Self-love is the secret formula to overcoming hardship and challenges and to finding balance, freedom, and happiness.


Working with me can lead you to greater self-esteem, less stress, and a more positive attitude. Self-love coaching equips you with various methods to cultivate self-love, so you can make your life better and more enjoyable. I will serve and support you on the journey of changing perspective and lifestyle, achieving emotional freedom, and doing things that make your life more colorful.

Why Is Self-love Essential?

When we don’t love ourselves, we deny ourselves a thriving and enjoyable life. Fear takes over in various forms, and we become our own enemy:

  • stress,
  • draining relationships,
  • nerve-wracking jobs,
  • damaging habits,
  • difficulties in decision-making,
  • health challenges,
  • unhealthy food choices, emotional eating,
  • lack of social interactions,
  • weakening emotions, indecisiveness,
  • anger, frustration, hatred,
  • anxiety, ruminating or disturbing thoughts, fear,
  • loneliness, restlessness, hopelessness, general inertia, etc.

These are a few tell-tale signs of self-sabotage. Are any of these familiar to you?
If so, it could be a signal that more love is needed.

You can start immediately to bring more love into your life. Say YES to a complimentary conversation, and begin to change your life for the better.

There is no risk and no obligation.

“Working with Viktoria as my coach has freed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined when beginning this process. Her adept listening skills and insightful questions helped me to make connections between old thought patterns and current food and life choices. Her gentle manner and helpful suggestions invoked an immediate trust. It was truly a transformative journey and one I’m glad I took!”

Kathryn Schiaroli

Speech-Language Pathologist

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