Intuitive Painting

Exploring, Expressing & Elevating the World Within 

“Never thought I would need to find my inner peace. I have in this class and will go to the next one.”

Class Schedule

The Visual Self-Expression Method™ in Cancer Care

Shift Emotions and Elevate Mood When Envisioning and Expressing Positive Inner Imagery

♥ Available to ALL Massachusetts Berkshire County residents who received any type of treatment for cancer.

This creative method allows you to look at and express the world within by painting or drawing pictures.

The class walks you through a simple three-step process of Connect, Celebrate, and Create to

✅  relax your mind
✅  restore your emotional balance
✅  reignite your innate healing power

No artistic experience needed; the journey is what’s important.

✅  Playing with your art materials as instruments of self-expression
✅  The class offers the opportunity to elevate mood, strengthen trust, and build confidence
✅  The safe and empowering environment helps you find peace and quiet within

The Visual Self-Expression Method™ is a class offered by the Berkshire Medical Center Cancer & Infusion Center, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, as one of the Integrative Health services.

“Imagery and imagination have been recognized forms of complementary therapy that have the capacity to produce positive physical changes in the body, enhance emotional resilience, and cope with life’s difficult moments.”
~ Cathy A. Malchiodi, Ph.D., ATR-BC


Tue, February 9
2 pm – 3 pm

Tue, February 16
2 pm – 3 pm

Tue, February 23
2 pm – 3 pm

Please click here to message Viktoria to confirm your attendance and receive the link to our Zoom room.

MEDITATION: The Visual Creation Method

Intuitive Visual Creation is a way to become connected to your visions and create the life you love.

In the state of balance and openness, we are more inspired to build and clarify the image that we hold within consciously, so what we would love in our life can take place.

Here is what you’ll get

✅  Opportunity to get out of stress and find a deeper meaning in these changing times
✅  A full hour with yourself to turn down the volume on your doubts and turn up the volume on your intuition (…and get the clarity you long for)
✅  Space to use your imagination to craft positive mental images and attract your desired outcomes (Reconnect with your creative powers)
✅  Connection with like-hearted others in a creatively inspiring space
✅  A single-focused practice that leads you to your vision (Say goodbye to multitasking and scatteredness)

No artistic experience is needed; it’s about your creative journey!


Coming in 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Visual Self-Expression Method™

The Visual Self-Expression Method™ is a way to experience Intuitive Painting.
It is designed for people experiencing hopelessness, depression, or frustration, to transform their emotions so they can have more strength, peace, and happiness.

This creative method walks participants through a simple three-step process of Connect, Celebrate & Create to:

♥ relax the mind
♥ restore the internal balance
♥ reignite the innate healing power

How Intuitive Painting can help me heal?

“Imagery and imagination have been recognized forms of complementary therapy that have the capacity to produce positive physical changes in the body, enhance emotional resilience, and cope with life’s difficult moments.” 
~ Cathy A. Malchiodi, Ph.D., ATR-BC

“The process of creating art has been proposed to enhance cognitive abilities, increase self-awareness, help cope with symptoms of a physical disorder, and gain relief from emotional distress such as anger, loss, depression, worry and anxiety in certain chronic conditions.”

When is the next class?

Please click here to register for the next class.

How much does the class cost?

See pricing details on the event registration page. 

What do I have to bring to the class?

✔️ The in-person classes are fully supplied. I provide various art materials, but you may bring the art tools you like.

✔️ For the online classes please bring whatever art supplies you have. That might include pens, pencils, felt markers, watercolor or acrylic paints, pastel, etc.

About Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting is a gentle yet effective way to partner with the Artist and the Healer within and to utilize their gifts to feel whole—worthy, happy, open, loved, and energized. 
This unique form of art-making guides participants to envision and express their inner world by painting and drawing pictures. The intention is the creative process itself, and that removes the pressure of producing the final piece. As a blended result, both the experience and the image will be one of a kind.
♥ Explore acrylics, watercolors, markers, pastels, and various art materials as instruments of self-expression
♥ Energize in a small group setting with like-hearted others to form connections
♥ Engage in the process of art-making to elevate mood, strengthen trust, and build confidence
♥ Express in a safe and encouraging environment to find balance, peace, and quiet within


“This was such a unique experience! It wouldn’t have been possible if the Cancer Center hadn’t provided the time and place for us to gather and found the talented and caring Viktoria Seavey to lead the intuitive painting class. She facilitated the journey that has left a strong positive impression in my mind and in my heart.”

“This experience touched my heart. Intuitive painting reaches deep into one’s soul, allowing them to express what may seem inexpressible. It becomes an act of love flowing through various artistic media. Thank you.”

“Painting with paint to connect with my emotions and let go of stress. Positive encouragement can heal from within. Blessings found in color.”

What Are the Benefits of Intuitive Painting

Intuitive Painting offers a wide range of benefits on many levels.

✓  The meditative aspect helps you slow down and quiet your mind so your heart can guide you. It supports you in finding balance, peace, and joy even in most difficult times.

✓  The refreshing aspect stimulates your imagination to form new ideas and different ways to look at things. It encourages you to be more spontaneous and flexible.

✓  The creative aspect allows you to create something lasting that records meaning while having fun and being present in the emerging moment.

✓  And as a bonus, you may discover new aspects of yourself.

The Story Behind

It all started in 2012. One day while meditating, I found myself in a beautiful temple with a large canvas and a magic paintbrush. Playing with the colors, I painted all kinds of pictures. I sensed that I could paint anything I wanted to have in my life. I was amazed!

When I tried the technique I had learned in my meditation, the result was astonishing. The pictures came out energetic and expressive, but most importantly, I felt elevated and fulfilled in the process of creating.

At that moment, I knew I had found a treasure: the creative force within.

The impact of these events inspired me to share my newly developed method with others. I held my first Intuitive Painting Workshop in the summer of 2014, and I have facilitated numerous others since.

Intuitive Painting is not a regular painting class but is a vehicle for personal growth, self-expression, and wellness.

Intuitive Painting also stimulates the imagination, that is a magnificent tool to unlock creativity, awaken senses, and bring infinite possibilities into our lives.

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