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Intuitive Painting Workshop

Look at the world within and show what you see by using paint and brush as instruments of self-expression.  Join this two-hour Intuitive Painting Workshop for fun, relaxation, and inspiration.

What Is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive Painting is an activity that allows to look at and express the world within by painting a picture. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is because the journey is what’s important. As a result, both the experience and the painting will be one of a kind!

  • Using acrylic paint, brush, and other art supplies as instruments of self-expression
  • Painting in a safe and supporting environment to find peace and quiet within
  • Having the opportunity to look at expectations, strengthen trust, and gain confidence

What Are the Benefits of Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive Painting’s meditative aspect helps you slow down and quiet your mind so your intuition can guide you. It supports you in finding peace and joy even in most difficult times.

Intuitive Painting is relaxing yet energizing. The refreshing aspect stimulates your imagination to form new ideas and different ways to look at things. It encourages you to be more spontaneous and flexible.

The creative aspect of Intuitive Painting gives you the opportunity to create something lasting that records meaning while having fun and emerging in the moment.

As a bonus, you may learn new things about yourself.

The Next Workshop

June 28

“The Power of Now”

Wednesday, June 28
6.00 PM – 8.00 PM
Community Center @ Spectrum Playhouse
20 Franklin Street
Lee, MA

I really enjoyed this class. Never thought I would need to find my inner peace. I have in this class and will go to the next one.

A participant

What Participants Experienced

~ If you asked me a few years ago to do this, I probably wouldn’t. I went with a friend last year. My experience was awesome and even better this year!

~ Provided an avenue of self-expression and exploration

~ The meditative aspects, and learning to let your creativity and intuition guide you.

~ Viktoria’s guidance and direction for nonartists in making a leap of faith into a different process.

~ The instructor’s ability to get us to express our inner feelings.

~ Viktoria is very engaging, inclusive and sensitive to participants’ reactions to the experience of intuitive painting which can be daunting to a “newbie.

The Story Behind Intuitive Painting

I never considered myself artistic or someone with great inspiration or creative power. Then one day while meditating, I saw myself painting. There was a large canvas in a beautiful room and a magic paintbrush with many different colors. Experimenting with the colors, I created gorgeous images. It was an amazing experience that inspired me to try painting outside of my meditations, using “real” tools.

The results — both on the canvas and within my heart — were astonishing. My painting was strong, expressive, and completing. It made me feel free, confident, and joyful. At that moment, I knew that I had found the treasure that I had searched for my entire life: the creative power within.

The Outcome

Today, I use painting and drawing as additional tools in my coaching and teaching practice for personal growth, self-expression, and wellness.

Intuitive art making stimulates the imagination. It is through imagination that we unlock creativity, awaken our senses, and bring infinite possibilities into our lives.

I so appreciated your Intuitive Painting session. It was right on time. When I returned home after the class I learned that I had to move so I guess my intuition was working when I painted the house on the hill. It has given me an inner image to hold in my heart as I look for my new home.


You don’t need to have any painting experience, and I will provide all the art supplies

The intuitive experience relates to my creative life and also my life. Paint without boundaries, be more fearless.


I loved the outside observation from the instructor, Viktoria. She was able to sense when to ask questions or state her observations to truly force me to look within. Beautiful. This is how you feel at the end of the process. Really, truly art for your soul. Loved it!


Viktoria challenged me to think outside the box and completely transform my painting. You will be inspired, you will see a totally new side of yourself, and you will love it!


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