Healing Through Creative Expression

Engage Fully and Align Naturally with Your Wellness Journey When Discovering and Realizing Powerful Elements of Healing

Join us on top of Mount Greylock to get a new perspective on your healing journey through a unique combination of dance and painting

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 10 AM to 2 PM

Location: Bascom Lodge Mount Greylock, MA

Thank you for your interest in the Healing Through Creative Expression Workshop

We have developed this signature methodology to help women experiencing stress, tension, and imbalance to bring ease and grace into their lives so they can become more relaxed, present, and centered.

At the end of the day what we are truly passionate about is to empower women to express freely and heal deeply. 

Express Freely & Heal Deeply

In this workshop, we lead you in an exploration of your creativity. We combine sessions of DanceYoga movement and Mandala Masterpiece painting to 

  • awaken your spirit
  • stimulate your imagination
  • blossom your creativity  

We guide you deeper into exploring and expressing your feelings as they expand through the spiritually powerful energy of music, dance, and painting.  

Mandala Masterpiece

By the end of the workshop, you will create your Mandala Masterpiece that is an image formed in a circular space that holds the blueprint of both your innate healing power and outside healing resources in a unique combination of shapes, symbols, colors, and words.  

Your Unique Healing Journey

Healing can occur on many levels including the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The word 'health' means whole, so 'healing' is the journey of becoming whole.  

The Healing Through Creative Expression workshop helps you connect to the center of your being where your Healer and your Artist become one. This union allows you to activate the creative force within and to use its empowering potentials to heal. 

Viktoria Seavey Wellness Artist

As a mentor and holistic health coach, Viktoria helps women to get more strength, confidence, and vitality. She is truly passionate about energizing women to heal and to feel feminine, abundant & beautiful again through her signature programs and her unique Intuitive Painting Magic approach.

Lori Kollmeyer DanceYoga Diva

Lori's passion is to help women experience dancing from the inside out through her unique Harmony in Motion, Dance of Yoga practice. She supports her participants to discover the union of the body and spirit along with the play, joy, and flow of dance, accompanied by diverse world music.

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We will donate the income from this workshop to the Light Source Center in West Hartford, CT. The Light Source Center is a non-profit school dedicated to offering students the tools for personal growth through meditation by discovering and understanding his or her own truths through a connection to Spirit.