Transformational Experience Circle

Compass is a welcoming and safe experience-oriented learning community. If you want to grow, evolve, discover and realize new directions and motivations to take your life to new heights, scroll on.


My mission for Compass is to create a fertile, loving, light-driven environment for personal and collective growth through empowering and transformative teachings, activities, meditations, and the supportive power of the group. We nurture ourselves and each other with fresh perspectives and stimulating ideas—on all levels.


Live, conversation-style video classes on various topics allow you to participate for maximum experience through asking questions and adding your input.


Through guided meditations and visualization, we internalize what we have learned to tune in to the new and integrate it on every level of our consciousness.


Active action-taking results in real, lasting change, so regular and enjoyable lifework plays a key role in the experience-oriented process.

What is included in the Compass Subscription?

  • Private Facebook Group access
  • Monthly transformation-meetings
  • Exercises, lifework
  • Guided meditations
  • Group support
  • Guest presenters

In our meetings, we touch on topics that support us in living life to its fullest. Subjects may include, for example, the power of intention, decision making, creating our realities, liberating through forgiveness, loving ourselves, acceptance, gratitude, and abundance.

More Details About the Compass Circle

How does the subscription work?

Compass is a subscription-based service that takes place in a Facebook Group. This group is where all activities happen and the only place you can participate in the training, either live or recorded. So you will need a Facebook account to partake.

The subscription provides access to the closed Facebook Group and all activities for three months from the day you subscribe. You will receive an invitation to the group via email within 24 hours of subscribing. You can renew an expired subscription at any time.

How often do you share new content?

You will constantly receive new content in different forms. You will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the knowledge we have already discussed. The more we practice, the more we become the master of our lives. In this sense, every thought can carry a new meaning.

Who is Compass for?

Compass is for you if you seek an inspiring, positive, and empowering environment to better yourself and your life. In a creative, heart-centered community, you can get the most out of the Compass experience if you are willing to connect with your inner wisdom deeper.

What if I get stuck on a topic?

Experience-based learning is spiral and cyclic. Some life situations require more attention, but we can move forward more effortlessly and consciously with the right tools. The videos will remain in the group, so you can watch them again at any time while your subscription is active.

Who is leading the Compass group?

Compass is imagined, created, and led by Viktoria Seavey, transformational life coach, awareness mentor.

Annamária from Hungary says

Dear Viki! 🙂 Your presentation was really a great experience for me! It was powerful. A force I’ve been looking for since January! 🙂 Real magic! Thank you very much again! 😍😘

Ana from Canada says

Viktoria, I want to say thank you for today! I was feeling good before, but the excitement just went up to a whole new level. It really feels like I’ve unlocked something, and it’s thanks to your coaching 🤗❤️

As a heart-centered transformational life coach and holistic teacher, I empower people to design and create a life they would love to experience no matter what their current circumstances are. 

For over 18 years, I have studied and implemented transformational principles and tools. As a sought-after speaker, teacher, and certified life coach, my workshops and coaching programs help people break through limitations and achieve new heights of happiness, fulfillment, and spiritual awareness in the physical world.

My passion is sharing my experience and journey to help others connect more deeply with their intuition and imagination to heal themselves from the inside out as they are discovering their truths—becoming fulfilled and experiencing greater freedom.

If you are looking to increase your clarity, amplify your confidence, and achieve your next level of awareness, my workshops and in-depth coaching programs can help you get there.

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