Transformational Experience Circle

Compass is a welcoming and safe experience-oriented learning community. If you want to grow, evolve, discover and realize new directions and motivations to take your life to new heights, scroll on.


My mission for Compass is to create a fertile, loving, light-driven environment for personal and collective growth through empowering and transformative teachings, activities, meditations, and the supportive power of the group. We nurture ourselves and each other with fresh perspectives and stimulating ideas—on all levels.


Live, conversation-style video classes on various topics allow you to participate for maximum experience through asking questions and adding your input.


Through guided meditations and visualization, we internalize what we have learned to tune in to the new and integrate it on every level of our consciousness.


Active action-taking results in real, lasting change, so regular and enjoyable lifework plays a key role in the experience-oriented process.

What is included in the Compass Subscription?

  • Private Facebook Group access
  • Monthly transformation-meetings
  • Exercises, lifework
  • Guided meditations
  • Group support
  • Guest presenters