Finding Peace in Tumultuous Times

We have been experiencing emotions that are not pleasant. In fact, those emotions for many of us are coming from the darkest places inside of our being. But there are other emotions that we can nurture. And I understand that in these tumultuous times, that’s the hardest thing to do. It’s not so easy to find joy. It’s not so easy to find peace when the world is crumbling outside. So what can we do? How can we find peace within us and in between us despite our differences?

Transformation Nuggets: Energy Polarities in a Duality World

I continue on the note of love today. In a sense, love is energy, so is fear. When I first started studying with the Light Source Center and my meditation teacher, Natlie, she taught me that there are two main energies in this dual world. One is love, and one is fear. As human beings who have free will, we choose between the energy of love and fear every minute. We choose whether we act from love or fear.

Be the Curator of Your Life

I would like to share the quote with you that I found last night. After I closed my eyes and breathed, I asked for guidance. I asked for a sign. And it came to me. And there was this quote, and all of a sudden, I felt as if the light just turned on. Here it is. “Be the curator of your life. Slowly cut things out until you are left only with what you love, with what’s necessary, with what makes you happy” – Leo Babauta.

Power of Forgiveness

Starting a new year is symbolic. But the truth is that this is a kind of work that we can do at any time. It doesn’t have to be on prominent days like this one. It can be done and truthfully shall be done regularly and continuously throughout our lives so we can stay in that higher energy of love and freedom and expansion. One powerful practice that can help us liberate ourselves from past hurts so we can move on is the practice of forgiveness.

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