“Your task is not to seek for Love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

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Have you ever taken the time to ponder what love is? What does this word mean to you? Sitting in silence with open curiosity and allowing the answers to come is quite an experience and can lead to beautiful discoveries. I’d like to take you on that journey today. We will be peeling off the layers to deepen our understanding and shine a light on this magnificent word’s essence. And even the most gratifying answer will only be scraping the surface. But you might look at the word love differently after this adventure. Let’s go.

Love in the Third Dimension

We use love in our third-dimensional lives in many different contexts. We love people, ideas, things, places, food, animals, etc. We often overuse this word and use it almost interchangeably with like, diluting its true essence to the point that it has lost meaning.

Love can be found in every religion, yet it is more than a religious term. In psychology, love is noted as one of the primary emotions. The first line in Wikipedia somewhat aligns with that. It states, “love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure.” Greek philosophers identified six forms of love, and some insist there are nine words for it in the Greek language. Every human being has some experience with love or the lack of love. Love is everywhere!

So, what is love? Can it be defined at all? Is it a feeling? An emotion? A state of being? All the above or something else? Whatever the answer is to this rather philosophical and possibly one of the most existential questions, it is beyond our third-dimensional comprehension.

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Going Deeper

Since Einstein, modern science has acknowledged that everything is energy. Ancient civilizations knew and used part of this truth, and so does our current culture. We have some level of understanding of how the universe works, and we use that information to create our reality. However, it makes me wonder how this knowledge of energy is being used in a world of duality where love and fear are readily available choices. How can we create from love in a world where fear is rampant, and our understanding of love is limited?

What would happen if we gained more understanding instead? What if we begin to learn, feel, and experience the transformational nature of love? How will that change the world individually and collectively?

What Is Love?

I was with a group of people when the question was posed. Some said it is a connection to oneself, to another person, a flower. It is a feeling, a sense of belonging, being part of, and connecting. Some others said we may never know the meaning of what love is, and we can only experience glimpses of it here. It is a primary force; it pulls all things together, manifested and unmanifested. We are surrounded by this energy of love. Love is the absolute freedom to be who we are, to be with Spirit. Love is from Spirit, unconditional, and without expectations. Love is a force that offers forgiveness and allowing. It is Universal energy combined with consciousness and the only real thing. It is knowing, connection, acceptance, protection, and trust. Total joy and total opening of one’s heart. Love is Light, the Light of all things. Love is life. It is the core and the periphery, the inside and the outside. The true essence, the fabric of who we are. Love is active and alive. It is movement, circulation, and rhythm. Love is infinite, and it is forever. Love is.

Now it is your turn: what is love for you? While your mind seeks the explanation and tries to come up with lavish definitions, let’s consider other ways like using intuition, following inner guidance, or connecting to your heart to tune in, feel, and experience this ever- and everywhere present transformational substance: love.

Q: What is love for you?

Please share your insights with us in the comments below.


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