A Sparkly Video About Intuitive Painting

by | Nov 5, 2016 | Intuitive Painting

An Exclusive Invitation

Paint & Heal

Intuitive Painting is the activity that allows you to look at and express the world within by painting a picture. It doesn’t matter what the outcome is because the journey is what’s important. As a result, both the experience and the painting will be one of a kind!

Acrylic paints, brushes and other art materials will be your instruments of self-expression.

The safe and supportive environment will help you to slow down, quiet your mind so your intuition can guide you.

Intuitive Painting is relaxing, refreshing and creative and as a bonus, you may learn new things about yourself.

Be part of this experience on Friday, November 18 & on Saturday, December 3 at the Spectrum Playhouse in Lee, MA


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