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Visual Journaling Adventure Begins in 2 Days

Apr 29, 2017 | Intuitive Painting | 0 comments

Only two days left until we dive into the 7-day Visual Journaling Adventure.

I held the very first Facebook Live Video session on Friday in the closed Facebook Group where we will meet. There were some interesting glitches (the image was rotated 90 degrees) but working a bit on the footage made the video enjoyable. This introductory session contains the program details and structure along with some practical advice before we launch.

Program Details:

  • DAY 0 ~ Getting ready [Watch the video 📽️  below.]
  • DAY 1 / May 1st ~ Activity #1
  • DAY 2 / May 2nd ~ Discussion and reflection
  • DAY 3 / May 3rd ~ Activity #2
  • DAY 4 / May 4th ~ Discussion and reflection
  • DAY 5 / May 5th ~ Activity #3
  • DAY 6 / May 6th ~ Discussion and reflection
  • DAY 7 / May 7th ~ Activity #4 + What’s next?

Join us and discover your many talents through visual journaling!

Video: Greetings and Getting Ready


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