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Humans are astonishing beings, uniquely clever and creative. We can do extraordinary things, climb the highest mountains, submerge in the deepest oceans, even go to Space. History has shown us that we would walk the extra mile when determined. An incredible power lies within each of us. So it truly makes me wonder how we can ever navigate ourselves to a place where we feel stuck and think there is nowhere to go.

Our planet inherently presents us with the concept of free will. It is a controversial topic, and I am certainly not here to debate it but simply to offer another view. What does free will mean to you? What does free will look like in your everyday life?

Do I have a choice?

Six years into a diagnosis, I needed help with the unbearable waves of emotions. I met a practitioner in my hometown of Kapuvar, Hungary, who practiced a specific method of applied kinesiology. The backbone of the modality was a chart to identify and clear any imbalance. Muscle testing indicated that I was in a state of “no choice.” I was stuck.

The feeling of being cornered or confined in a situation or circumstance is part of our human experience. The issue is, what do we do with it? Do we stay disempowered, or do we find ways to rise above? Either way, we must make decisions.

I think of the young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Or the wife who discovered that her spouse cheated on her. Or the worker who was told to comply to keep his job. The list goes on. Every experience presents choices we don’t always see we have — especially in challenging situations. But the truth is that the power within us is greater than any situation or circumstance. Every experience is an opportunity to grow stronger into our awareness of who we are and stand in our truths.

Mighty Decisions

We all make choices at every given moment, whether we are aware of it or not. Some decisions are more routine-like, while others appear more significant. Some people get stuck in the idea of making good or bad decisions and are afraid to take a stance. Some take chances without hesitation and never regret any of them. Some expect others to make choices for them, and some want to make choices for everyone but themselves. Some cannot see beyond a single choice, and some get overwhelmed by the number of options available.

Here is how I see it. We always have options even though we don’t think so. There are two primary choices — we can choose between love or fear or, more precisely, choose from love or fear. It’s that simple. Naturally, those two choices will play out in multiple ways, which offer us countless possibilities. The energetic state from which we choose will determine the outcome. So the question is, where are you mentally, emotionally, and energetically? What if you panic and are swept by worry, doubt, and fear? If so, you can’t possibly see the choices you have, and your fear will limit your ability to choose. You will experience contraction and the feeling of being trapped. But what happens when you find your balance and consciously choose from a state of love while you trust that everything (including you) will be fine? The process and the outcome will feel expansive and infused with calming clarity.

Knowing the truth that we always have a choice is incredibly freeing. Fear blinds us. Love frees us. And the feeling of freedom opens up doors and possibilities that were invisible to us before. The choice is yours.

Q: What do you do to change your perspective to get the desired outcome? — You may share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you :)


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