Igniting the flame with love, passion and joy

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Last time I started to talk about finding peace in tumultuous times, and today, I would like to continue on that notion in a little bit different way. The title of today’s inspiration is “The flame within.”

Once again, I was debating what to bring today… And telling you the truth, just before I started the video, suddenly, my phone began to play music, which was one of my favorite music. It’s called Let the Sun Shine—it immediately sparked joy in me :) I’ve been noticing how wonderful music is and singing and just bursting into joy and allowing that passion for taking over and going alongside my body. I want to put that spark into a more in-depth perspective today.

I believe that we all have a flame within us. This flame is the life that we were given. This flame can be ignited by the two different energies of the duality we have access to—these primary energies are either fear-based energies or love-based. When we ignite that flame, we get to choose which of the two energies we will do it with.

When I was in my teens and my 20s, I felt this raging fire inside me. Looking back, I now understand that the flame given to me through life was fed with resentment and anger—I was a completely different person then than I am today. I had to learn to tame that energy and transform it into something more productive. Something that is arising from a place of compassion instead of hurt. The most important lesson was to generate empathy for myself.

It was a process, and it has been a process, but I now understand that there is a flame within me. It’s waiting silently to be fueled by either fear or love. And it is my choice.

There are emotions; we all experience emotions, except when we choose to push them away, hide them, either consciously or subconsciously. Another time we can touch on that, perhaps. But some of us choose not to feel emotions because it’s too painful, maybe because it wants to burst out in a not so nice way. But at the same time, we can work with that emotion and transform that by taking that flame and taming it so that it can give us warmth, light, guidance. I feel this is one of the reasons we are here as human beings.

So I mentioned that I was so angry when I was at a younger age. And that anger went not only toward myself but toward others. I hurt people, I yelled at them, I was short-tempered and arrogant. All I really wanted was to defend myself. I felt so vulnerable inside that I built a wall, a massive fortress, and inside of that wall, there was this fire raging 24/7. You had to be careful not to come too close because you could have burned yourself. I learned techniques with time, and I got tools that helped me figure out taming that killer fire, that rage.

One of those tools is the one I shared with you on Tuesday—it’s breathing. Another tool for me is meditation, connecting to that flame, that origin, that light within me.

So I’ve been using that tool, and with that, I understood that it is possible to become a different person. We are continually growing and changing if we choose to. No matter what happened in the past, we can always choose to come from our hearts and come from love toward ourselves and others. It’s a good reminder, though, that the journey always begins with ourselves and right where we are. If we would like to have more love in our life, let’s give love to ourselves first. Let’s nurture that flame with love. So we can ignite our joy, our passion, what we are really enthusiastic about. Maybe it’s talking to another person; perhaps it’s listening. Perhaps it’s helping.

I talked to a few women, who experienced cancer, and now dedicated to helping others also going through that experience because now there are passion and compassion there. They are healed, and they can offer that wisdom that they learned throughout that journey. And I trust that I can share some of my learnings and understandings with you, and that can help you find yours.

I believe that you have all the answers inside of you. The flame is there. Whether you ignite it or not, it’s up to you. And what are you igniting it with? Ignite it with love, ignite it with passion, with peace, with joy, a helping hand.

Thank you for joining today. I will see you again next week.

With much love and light to you,

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