“Love heals. Heals and liberates.”

˜Maya Angelou

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We are approaching the end of January. Incredible, isn’t it? Already a whole month went by. And I don’t know how you’re feeling, but I’m ready for spring. And I know it is only January, and there are still some ways to go, but I’m just ready for spring. I appreciate whenever we have sunshine, it feels so good. Lying on the couch and allowing the sun to come in and cover my face… I’m not a big fan of cold weather, so I don’t go out too much these days. But when I feel that, okay, I’m done, I have cabin fever, and I’m ready to do something for myself. There is always something that I can give to myself. 

One of the reasons, and it’s the main reason I’m here on this planet, and many of us too, is to learn to love—and it begins with self. Learn to love ourselves and continue to increase the level of love within ourselves and around us.

The Topic of the Day: Sprinkling Ourselves With Love

It’s a beautiful, vast subject; it encompasses so many different layers. We can talk about loving ourselves on the physical level or the emotional level or mental and spiritual level and a combination of all. I would like to bring something to you now as we are coming together in this space. 

If you feel like it, go ahead and type in the comments below; what are some practices that you bring to yourself, and you can feel that you elevate your day by them? So what are some practices of those? Feel free to write it down in the chatbox. I would love to hear from you. And let’s see if we can find something more.

The work I do, my work here, is to work with people, and I love people. I love seeing them opening like a flower and finding their center and that gem in their hearts. That’s what makes me move the most. But for that, I have to be in that place of love as much as I can. And the more I work on it, the more I discover that there is always one more step to add. There’s still more space to grow and to open.

Healing With Love

If somebody is recovering from an illness or an injury, or surgery, sometimes love means that we make space for ourselves to heal. What does it mean? When I feel it inside, and I’m listening to that voice, that small still voice inside, gently suggesting to me ways that would be the best for me to heal. That is my time to listen and to act upon that gentle nudge.

For example, finding or creating a tranquil environment that facilitates my healing. I surround myself with people who are loving and positive. Those who encourage me, empower me, and show up with love. Perhaps it means that I eat, I add particular food to my diet, so my body can get the nutrition it needs. Maybe it means that I need to let go of some painful memories and transform them and forgive. There are many different layers. Sometimes it means to find a higher power that is within all of us and around us.

Some of us find that connection through prayer, some of us find that through meditation, relaxation, or just looking into a child’s eye. There are so many different channels. 

So my question to you is, what do you do today to sprinkle yourself with love? What is one thing? I would love to hear from you! We will continue on this topic on Thursday. I’m showering you with love right now until next time. 

With much love and light to you,

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