You have everything within you to face your challenge.

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Thank you for joining the inspiration minutes. I brought you a story today.

This story is about a woman I knew and who was a nurse. One day — it happened around this time in January — her son turned 18, and he went out to party.

And the next morning, the police were at the door of this woman. The son went out to party and got into trouble, and now he is facing charges.

The woman collapsed. She could not imagine that that could happen to her or her family. This woman’s sister was a lawyer. And she took on the case. So this was a case that went on and on for many years. And finally, he was convicted and spent more than four years in prison. And the sister who was the lawyer felt guilty because she couldn’t save her nephew from prison.

Everybody who got involved closely in this story their life got in a very different direction. Since then, the woman who was the lawyer died from cancer. And then the sister went into a deep depression. The son got out of jail, started a new life, and he’s living his life now happily.

I’m sharing this story with you because life throws us loops and puts walls in front of us so many times.

And we do have choices at that moment, what are we going to do? Are we going to collapse or find the strength to somehow, with some help, with some new tools, climb over that wall? The choice is there for us every single day.

We all have challenges to face with. Whether it’s a small challenge, whether it’s something life-changing, something that can determine the direction of one’s life forever. But we still have the choice.

This past week, I heard many stories about life-changing events from people I know, whom I love, and I know that every one of us can make the best out of even the most difficult situations.

I want to bring you the message that you have everything within you to face your challenge, your obstacle. But here is something else to remember. We don’t have to do that alone. Even if you don’t see it right now, there are people around you, so it doesn’t have to be your burden alone. The weight can be lifted with others who also understand that this life is about lessons. This life is about seeing what is there to learn, to grow.

So if there is something that you are experiencing right now in your life? Remember this. You can do it. You have the power.

Imagine this woman, the nurse… By the way, she was her sister’s caregiver while she was going through cancer. Finally, she also felt, once she died, that she failed her sister. So it was a massive feeling of failure throughout this entire story. Imagine what if they had risen from this experience. What would have happened? It’s still possible. It would always be possible. There are a lot more layers to peel off, of course, but it’s still possible. It’s never too late.

So if you feel you are holding something for a long time or a recent story that you don’t necessarily know yet how to solve, there is always a way out. And it’s usually the way into the heart and connecting with our hearts. The answers lie there.

I see you finding your answers. Thank you for being here today. We will continue with something similar on Thursday.

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With much love and light to you,

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