A Practice To Liberate Ourselves From Past Hurts and Step Into New Beginnings

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Forgiveness: A Powerful Practice To Liberate Ourselves From Past Hurts and Step Into New Beginnings

Welcome back.

We are here on the last, the final day of this year, 2020. We made it! Woohoo! Fantastic, fantastic. 

Let us take a deep breath together, a deep, deep breath of life and aliveness, and all the possibilities that are ahead of us. 

Last time, we identified events, places, happenings, and things that happen to us in the past that are hurtful, and when we think of them, we feel pressure, a tight knot in our bodies, and contraction. That’s what we were doing on Tuesday—if you haven’t watched that video or read the related post, you can always go back to it and watch it, read it.

Today we will take what we learned, what we identified on Tuesday and Wednesday, and perhaps you did make a list of events and people you want to release. So you can liberate yourself from those past hurts, and you can move on, and you can start new and fresh, especially with the new year. 

Starting a new year is symbolic. But the truth is that this is a kind of work that we can do at any time. It doesn’t have to be on prominent days like this one. It can be done and truthfully shall be done regularly and continuously throughout our lives so we can stay in that higher energy of love and freedom and expansion. One powerful practice that can help us liberate ourselves from past hurts so we can move on is the practice of forgiveness.

Do I have any forgiveness work to do?

One of my mentors, Mary Morrissey, said, Are you breathing? If the answer is yes, then you have forgiveness work to do. We all have. We’re human beings. You know, making mistakes is a human thing. Forgiving is divine. 

We do have that divine part within us. We are spiritual beings living a human experience. When we tap into that power of forgiveness, we liberate the energy we currently hold in resentment, anger, or hurt. So that energy can be freed and can be used for positive, powerful expansions in our lives, and we can move on. 

You may see this as resentment, and that energy ties you down as if something would pull you back every time you would want to move forward. You can only go so far because then that pull is happening from the past and keeps you imprisoned. I’ve experienced that many times in my life. In fact, every time I feel that I’m hitting a wall, I realize that ‘oh wait a minute, maybe there is something that I can work on here.’ 

So I put myself in that place of willingness to work on forgiveness. So I can move on, and I can actually do and feel and create the things that I would love in my life. 

That liberation doesn’t mean that we approve of what happened to us in the past. What we do is we allow ourselves to be free.

So I invite you to take a deep breath with me now.

Thank you.

You might have a list. I asked you to make a list of those people you would love to forgive since you feel contraction when you think of that person or that event in the past. I also promised you that I would bring my own example to demonstrate how to work with this. And this is what we are going to do. 

I’ve been doing forgiveness work for a while, but there’s always something more. We grow in a spiral. Growth sometimes looks as if we were to go back to the same place again, but the truth is that no, we go in deeper. So we can expand our love deeper. By doing so, I have reached the point when I always put myself on the top of the list—the list of people I should forgive. And yes, I could list other people, but ultimately my name goes on the top. But this is just me. I understand that everybody is different. It’s essential to start where you are; that’s the only place that you can begin. 

Look at your list, or if you don’t have a list, think of something or someone you would like to free and liberate. 

I will work with myself this time. You might be wondering why I put myself on the top of the list. Well, I did that because it’s the most difficult to forgive myself, up until now. I learned when I forgive myself; I come to an understanding and the recognition that everybody else can be forgiven. Sometimes it’s the hardest to forgive ourselves for things that we did or for something that we didn’t do that we think we should have. But the truth is everything is just perfect. Everything happens for a reason. There are so many layers to this, but I would like to bring you one simple and powerful practice. I invite you to practice this with me right now. If you want to be present and don’t want to write it down, you can always come back to the recording. This practice is called the Dalai Lama’s Loving Kindness Metta Meditation.

Again, there are many practices for forgiveness. I found this a simple one and a very gentle one. Gentle because it radiates love. It radiates understanding and compassion. And that is the energy that can transform and shift any hurt, resentment, anger, or sadness that we might experience. 

So let’s begin. 

Whether you put yourself or someone else on the top of your forgiveness list, we always start with ourselves.

Ready? Great. All right, let’s take a deep breath…

You are wonderful. 

“May I be truly happy.

May I live in peace.

May I live in love and light.

May I know the power of forgiveness.

May I live in recognition that my life has deep meaning and good purpose.”

Let’s take it in.

Take a deep breath.


And now think of someone who is on your list. A person who challenged or perhaps hurt you in the past, and when you think of this person, you feel contracted in your body. It’s not so easy to think of this person. You might find violent thoughts in your mind when you think of this person.

Now, it may take some practice. But this is where we start, okay, right here, right now. 

And I’m right here with you.

Take another deep breath.

And what we will do is think of this person or the hurtful event from the past. Think of this person. Imagine this person. See this person with your mind’s eye.

And now say:

“May you be truly happy.

May you live in peace.

May you live in love and light.

May you know the power of forgiveness?

May you live in recognition that your life has deep meaning and good purpose.”

And so be it.

Forgiveness practice is not something that we do only once. We keep doing it. We keep repeating it. And one day, you open your eyes, and you realize that you feel different. You think of that person differently. That contractive feeling is no longer there when you think of this person.

You start feeling freer, stronger, more alive. And this is precisely what I wish you for this upcoming year. I wish you freedom, happiness, joy, love, and light in every single moment of your life.

You are powerful beyond measures. Know that, feel it and live it. My name is Viktoria Seavey, and it is my utmost pleasure to be with you on Tuesdays and Thursdays with the inspiration minutes. Thank the Otis Rec Center for having me and giving me this wonderful opportunity to connect with you and connect with myself through these lives. 

The good news is that I received a message from Patricia Richard, who works at the Rec Center, that she would love to continue the inspiration minutes. And so we will continue them on Tuesdays and Thursdays in January 2021. I’m sending you much love and light. May you be truly happy. 

I will see you next time.

Thank you.

With much love and light to you,

P.S. Looking forward to connecting with you at 8:30 AM EST on Tuesday, January 5th on the Otis Rec Center’s Facebook Page


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