“Listen. People start to heal the moment they feel heard.”

˜Cheryl Richardson

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We are entering into a new month, and when we start a new month, there are new possibilities that are being opened. If you’ve been following my coming here in the past almost one year, you know that I really love new beginnings. I welcome change. I appreciate new feelings, new opportunities, new possibilities. And I am grateful that we all have, you and I, have free will, and we can choose to embark on those new adventures.
My name is Viktoria Seavey, and I will be your host in the next few minutes. Thank you for joining me.
Let me ask you something, how are you feeling today?

How Are You Feeling?

You can take a deep breath, close your eyes, and turn your attention inward for a moment, slow down, and check-in with yourself — where are you at this very moment.

I hear people say that they feel anxious lately without sometimes no reason. Sometimes they experience sleeplessness or bad dreams, even nightmares, wake up tired, and sometimes even more tired when they go to bed. Many times we experience negativity and anxiety. We feel anger or frustration, doubt, and worries that are coming up to the surface. And again, many times, this happens without any particular reason. It hits us all of a sudden.

We are going through these waves of energy. Sometimes we feel that we are up and riding the waves, and the next moment we can be down and feeling really being pulled down into our third-dimensional life.

I heard someone say, I often find myself in my monkey mind. My brain is always running and trying to do and accomplish one task after the next. And yes, we can be caught up in our monkey minds, in our brains, in our heads. And at that moment, we add to the anxiety, to the feeling of depression or worry without realizing it.

I asked you in the beginning how you are feeling. And I ask you again. And when you answer that for yourself, since I’m not going to hear your answers, if you’d like, type it in the chat or send me a message.

But connect with you. Openly, genuinely. And today, I invite you to take small breaks throughout your day. Push everything aside to make space where you can connect, check-in, and breathe.

Listening Is Gold

We often expect other people to ask us, Hey, how are you doing? How are you feeling? And it’s nice to be asked. But then we also experience that even though they ask, they don’t really care; they don’t listen. So we might feel we cannot be honest with them because if we would really tell them how we are feeling or what’s going on in our world, they would probably look at us, turn around and run in the other direction. So let’s skip all that. We can create a safe space for ourselves. We do have the power to do that. So check in with you during the day and listen deeply. Even in a middle of a task or a project, at work or home, wherever you are.

A Minute of Bliss

Make a mental or written note that reminds you to connect with yourself throughout the day. You can make it a habit. And all you have to do is do nothing, sit still for a couple of minutes. It doesn’t have to be a long time. It can be only one minute. It’s so much more than you can imagine — that minute can change your world.

So you sit quietly in that space with you; you can close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. And really connect and listen, acknowledge whatever is going on inside. And then – I’m so happy to see the snow all around us this morning because it’s a beautiful visual for us to use – imagine that this comfortable protective white bubble is surrounding you. White as snow, sparkling. Imagine that you surround yourself in this bubble. It’s a protective layer for you, for your energy, as you are an energetic being living in a human body. With this tool, you can keep your energy protected.

Create With Thoughts

Closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, using your imagination, imagining that you are surrounded in a beautiful white bubble. It’s white light, brilliant white light.

I wish you could see this ring light I have on my phone to light my face so that you can see me well. It’s very bright, almost blinding. So imagine something bright and white and sparkling around you. I’m sure you can do that. Describe it in your thought, think it, and it will appear. And that will give you protection and love throughout the day, whatever you do, wherever you go. And check in with yourself occasionally and ask yourself, Hey, how are you feeling? And open up to yourself, whatever you feel, be honest, allow that to come out, and know that you are loved and protected in this beautiful white light that you created around yourself.

So this is my gift to you today. Thank you so much for joining the inspiration minutes. I will come back again on Thursday and continue creating space for ourselves and connecting with ourselves. Thank you so very much!

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the snow!

With much love and light to you,

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