“Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.”

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On Tuesday, I brought you a story (Rise Through Challenges) about a family, where the people in that story went through their processes very differently. I was further contemplating on what else in for me to learn.

By watching the inauguration ceremony yesterday, some thoughts came to me that I’d like to share with you.

So in the story, the participants nurtured guilt, shame, blame, anger, and resentment… Negative feelings like those will keep our life-energy stuck and depleted.

As a new American, it was beautiful to experience the ceremony regardless of political affiliation. And what I saw was an opening to heal, heal ourselves, and heal each other. There were many opportunities to heal in Tuesday’s story also. Some took the opportunity, and some didn’t.

You know I’m also going through my own healing processes and coming to the point that loving ourselves and accepting one another is the only way to heal. We may not like, tolerate or agree with the other person or even with ourselves. When we develop a connection with God, the Infinite, or Spirit, a higher level of energetic connection that itself can help us go through hardship and challenging moments and ultimately lead us to heal—from the inside out.

Based on my own journey and my own healing, I discovered the resentment I have carried deep inside. The pain we hold can poison the whole being.

But we have choices. We talked about this on Tuesday we can choose to let go of that resentment, that hurt. The truth is when we house the negative inside, the only person who gets poisoned, is us.

So why do we do that? The question that comes up is, where is the point when we reach our limits, and we say, enough… enough of this! Enough of the suffering, enough of the depression, enough of the torture, enough of being angry, enough of being tight and uptight and stressed out. Where is that point?

I, again, learned something.
Certain things cannot be given. They can only be found. I can tell you a dozen times how amazing you are if you feed the opposite, over and over again, my words will be meaningless to you. It cannot be given; It can only be found.

There’s an Indian practice that many of you probably heard before, called Namaste. The light in me recognizes the light in you. I am light, I am divine, and I see and respect your divinity and light. Again, a higher level of connection, a higher level of understanding, and a higher level of looking at each other.

We are spiritual beings living a human experience. So on the human level, we make those so-called mistakes, real lessons to learn. But on a divine level, on a higher level of consciousness, there is a purpose to all of this. That’s where we find perfection.

I believe Steve Jobs said that you could only understand the path when you look back. Looking back allows us to connect the dots.

We learn to recognize the divine within each other even though we disagree with human choices, aspects. Yesterday was a reflection for me to heal through acknowledging the light, acknowledging the love and divine within myself and the other person, and making a conscious decision to be willing to put all hurt in a different perspective.

When I broadcasted the live video, I felt much discombobulated. I have a little more clarity now. Thank you for being my soundboard, and forgive my fumbling for words.

It seems the impact of the ceremony was more significant than I realized.

It is extraordinary to experience the healing within me, each other, the nation, and hopefully the world.
I thank you for being here. Namaste.

With much love and light to you,

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