“I know it by now that you are in my life for a reason, and that reason is no less than to learn to love you, to accept you, and to take you fully into my heart.”

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Thank you for joining the inspiration minutes. I will speak to one of the most important connections that we can have in this life. And that connection is the connection with Self. On Tuesday, we started with this topic and began to sprinkle ourselves with love. And that is a way of showing support, acceptance, and connection, and love to ourselves. Why is that important?

Cannot Give What You Don’t Have

Indeed, we cannot give when our cup is empty. We cannot give that we don’t have. And that’s precisely what is happening here, as we fill up our own cup so we will have plenty to share with others.

Ten years ago, when I came to this country from Hungary. The first thing I joined was a meditation group that I am still part of to this day. I started to take classes with the teacher, Natlie. And one of the first exercises she asked me to do was writing a love letter to myself.

I felt it really odd at that time, but I went with the exercise because I wanted to grow. I wanted to connect deeper to who I am. And I wrote that letter. It was a humbling process, and it helped me to look deeper and see my values.

It shed light on my worth and beauty instead of looking at things that we don’t like and looking at ourselves through dirty lenses that show us what might be wrong with us.

Honoring the Being, We Are

When we concentrate on crafting words together that are about to praise ourselves, to honor the being we are, then that’s where we direct our focus. And let us remember that where we place our attention, that’s where the energy flows. What we focus on grows. So when we focus on accepting and loving ourselves, that is what is going to bloom. I’m not talking about a selfish connection with ourselves or being self-centered. I’m talking about the recognition and the acceptance of WHO WE ARE to be more of who we want to become. 

Writing a love letter is an intimate process and can take you deeper in connecting with yourself. So since that first love letter, I had written many more. And every time I did, it propelled me to the next level in my growth. 

I was pulled to express deep gratitude and appreciation for myself. It is not easy to live this Earth-life. We are spiritual beings living a human experience, and that human part of us experiences all kinds of things. We might say or do certain things that we might regret. And we receive impressions from other people that can be painful and hurtful. And in those moments, the most important that we can do is show love and kindness to our precious selves.

Writing a Love Letter To Self

So I would like to invite you into this space to consider the idea of writing a few gentle, loving words to yourself. 

It’s not about saying I love myself if or when or but. Our energy encompasses everything; the good, the bad, the ugly because it’s all just perception anyway. Everything has its place. Everything happens for a reason. And going through this process can be life-changing. So again, I’m inviting you into that life-changing place to transform your life. 

Thank you for joining this inspiration today. My name is Viktoria Seavey. I am a transformational life coach, and it’s my pleasure to be with you. I will see you next time. Have a wonderful weekend.

With much love and light to you,

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