Practices for life, to make it better, make it stronger, make our connection tighter with ourselves and with the Infinite

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Today is December 29, and this is the inspiration minutes.

I am Viktoria Seavey, your host, and I’m here to share some of my practices with you. Practices for life, to make it better, make it stronger, make our connection tighter with ourselves and with the Infinite.

When I woke up this morning, it came to my mind that, oh, it’s the 29th today. Back then, when I lived in Hungary, I studied Pythagorean numerology. I kind of like numbers anyway. Everything around us has a message; everything is so symbolic when we look at them that way: animals, numbers, planets, and more. So when I woke up this morning, I had this urge to find out the number of this day. You can easily do that by adding up the digits of the current month, day, and year.

So 12, 29, and 2020. And when you add up all these digits, you will get the number 9. So 1 + 2 + 2 + 9 + 2 + 2. That comes to 18, and then you reduce it to a digit, one single digit, and that would be number 9. And in Pythagorean numerology, 9 is the number that represents the end of the cycle. Numbers begin with number one and go around the circle to number nine, and that is the end of one cycle, which prepares us for the next cycle, which is the new beginning, starts again with number one.

And I thought to myself how perfect this is because we are now in the final week of this year, 2020. I thought it would be an excellent topic for today to talk about things, whatever things are they that don’t serve us anymore and they hold us back from moving forward, and how to identify them and how to let them go so we can be free from them.

Would you like to experience that level of freedom? When old patterns, old thinking, people from the past, happenings, events that happened to you or with you in the past no longer hunt you down and hold you back?

We are going to talk about how to identify those ‘things.’

And so we can then, as the next step on Thursday, move into that space of some practices of how to let them go, and we to free ourselves with love and with new beginnings.

There’s a process which will be very easy. So there’s no need to freak out about this. When you think of something or someone, tune into your body and notice how you feel in your body. I would like us to bring those feelings into our awareness, so we can identify what’s going on in our bodies.

We are basically looking for two different types of energies or feelings. One is expensive, and one is contractive. When you think about a moment when you were joyful and happy, you perhaps met a new friend or spent time with your family and loved ones, and you felt that exuberating joy in your body and your whole being and you felt expansive, and you felt that you could conquer the world. So that’s the energy and the feeling of expansiveness and love.

But there are certain types of feelings, or events, or people when we think of them we feel pressure inside. We feel that our entire body is holding into a tight knot. It doesn’t matter whether it happened a couple of days ago, years and years back, or even decades. When we think about them, the thought of them creates the same level of feeling – constriction.

It’s also possible that with time passing and us not working ourselves through those events and happenings and hurts, they actually became stronger, and our resentment grew bigger.

Today, I would like to invite you to this space of awareness. It is your choice and our choice to do it or not. That’s what I have been working on recently. Focusing on identifying those feelings, events, people, things, energy, happenings, or anything that happens in our lives makes us feel tight when you feel that pressure inside.

If you’d like, you can make a list for yourself about them. And I would like to invite you to focus on one ‘thing’ that you feel would go on the top of your list.

Something that you might say, “Only if I could let this one thing go, my life would be so different. I would feel different. I would feel freer and more expensive and fuller. I could move on.”

Today is about identifying and using our body as our instrument to identify those feelings and energies.

You may ask yourself, “What are some things in my life that I feel pressure when I think of them. I feel stress or tension.”
You can browse through them as you think about them. And when you find something or someone from your past that constricts your energy, write it down. Please write it down. And we will work on it on Thursday.

I will make my own list, and I will bring you an example from my life and how to work through them. I’m actually putting myself on the spot, but I’m happy to do that to demonstrate how we can work with that and move on and let go and shift our perception.

Let us take a deep breath.

I will see you on Thursday, the last day of the year.

With much love and light to you,

P.S. Looking forward to seeing you again at 8:30 AM EST on Thursday, December 31st on the Otis Rec Center’s Facebook Page


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