Why Cultivating and Harnessing Heartfelt Emotions Are the Foundations for Healing

Stress and lifestyle choices are key contributing factors to chronic illness. 6 in 10 adults in the United States have a chronic health condition, and 4 in 10 adults have two or more. We can take various actions not only for prevention but to support the healing process.

Besides stress and lifestyle, there is an even more critical ingredient to our wellbeing: how we think, feel, and act determines the outcome.

If you are on a quest of healing, seeking answers, and searching for understanding, please read on.

Meditation as the Greatest Ally in Healing

Someone messaged me on Instagram, sharing a story about her mother, who is suffering from arthritic pain. She wanted to know about my journey.

I wasn’t sure where to start. How could I share my entire life in a text message? “No need to get lost in insignificant details,” my intuition whispered, “start where you are now.” One bite at a time, right?

“I meditate,” I wrote first.

Meditation creates the internal environment the body needs to make adjustments, it opens us up to new possibilities and connects us with our heart center.

There are different kinds of meditation. Some are far more effective than others when it comes to healing.

When the Unexpected Happens

“If I want to heal, I have to be my own healing,” I continued.

One foot in, one foot out just doesn’t work. You must make up your mind and walk, feel, speak, and act as if your healing has already happened.

In the past 25 years, I fought for my healing like an amazon. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 14. With a wide range of traditional treatments and natural remedies behind me, I learned to live in harmony with RA. Lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, meditation, mindset, and more led me to a drug-free, productive, and colorful life. I worked very hard for the pain-freedom.

I had many dreams of being healed. When I woke up from those dreams, my heart was pounding heavily, and my excitement went through the roof.

But disappointment struck as I opened my eyes and noticed my joints still being deformed by the Arthritis.

I didn’t understand why my efforts were not showing, in other words, why my joints were not reforming. I was chasing my healing but reaching my limits without realizing it. I tried what I could think of, but I could not escape from my familiar, well-known reality, and what was truly broken…

… until I had the worst ever flare* at the beginning of the year.

*A flare is a period of increased disease activity or worsening symptoms – a time when the remedies you rely on don’t seem to work.

From Being Broken to Becoming Whole

The pain was a wake-up call. I was given a chance to awaken to a new level of consciousness, heal the broken pieces within, and create a brand-new experience.

The Universe guided me to study the newest research in neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics. The information struck like lightning, and that electric charge rebooted my whole system.

I suddenly understood what I couldn’t grasp before. I had to become aware of my limiting, negative thoughts, emotions, and how I deceived myself. After the awakening, I started to get better very quickly.

Healing means “becoming whole.” It arises from within as we become aware of who we are and awaken our body’s innate ability to heal.

“Healing is an ongoing process that teaches me to love myself and my life,” I said lastly.

Love is the ultimate healer.

Love heals all.

Meditating, transforming negativity and letting go of limitations is the foundation of healing, and this allows us to love ourselves into wholeness.

It is your turn now.

1 – Reflect on your self-healing practices AND

2 – Share one of them with me.




  1. Marney Schorr

    Viktoria, I am in so much pain right now I just cannot connect with your miracle experience. I practice all kinds of creative visualization, expressive art and journaling, meditation and therapy, plus physical therapy and most definitely limiting my negative thoughts. I keep upbeat and optimistic even when chronic pain dominates. But cumulatively over time it begins to weigh me down so heavily it feels like I am trapped beneath a boulder and cannot move. Even being in the art studio is too much. I truly wish I had the capacity for healing that you talk about – I am focused on love but my body is not healing right now its worsening despite my best efforts. So I appreciate what you’ve written but it feels like a fantasy, not reality. With love, Marney

    • Viktoria Seavey

      Marney, first and foremost, I’d like to express my appreciation for your openness and willingness to share a little piece of your not-so-easy journey. I can deeply connect to your experience with pain you described, and I wish I had the magic wand to give you relief. I trust that one day, you’ll find ‘the golden answer’ that frees you from the heaviness of the chronic pain.
      I shared my personal experience as an example of what’s possible. It doesn’t mean that you or others will have the same one; instead, it serves as a compass and is intended to reveal what’s possible. Somebody who read this blog post wrote, “If you can be such a beacon of light, hope, and love of self and life, then I should be able to.” And my answer to that is a definite yes. It does take work, but possible.
      I have to tell you though that you left me in AWE when you walked into the Intuitive Painting class. You showed up despite all the odds, and I take that as a miracle. I’m looking forward to continuing the conversation about healing with you.


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