How can we find peace within us and in between us despite our differences?

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As I was contemplating what topic to bring this week, there was one thing in my head to talk about that is less relevant to the times we live in, so I asked my husband, what you feel that I should talk about today? And he said, talk about finding peace in tumultuous times.

Many of us are angry, upset. Many of us are scared and in fear, uncertain. We have been experiencing emotions that are not pleasant. In fact, those emotions for many of us are coming from the darkest places inside of our being.

But there are other emotions that we can nurture. And I understand that in these tumultuous times, that’s the hardest thing to do. It’s not so easy to find joy. It’s not so easy to find peace when the world is crumbling outside.

So what can we do? How can we find peace within us and among us and in between us despite our differences?

I had a conversation with a new friend of ours this weekend. We talked about diversity and an emerging movement in Otis, called Diverse Otis. I immediately felt a connection to this issue. Because, first of all, I’m not American by birth. I deal with a chronic illness. I’m not disabled, but I could be. And so I feel kind of like out of the norm many times. And as we had that conversation, we both agreed that somehow, in some ways, bringing us together and communicating with each other without sparking fires and jumping against each other’s throats is very important these days. And we both agreed as our conversation continued that that level of peace and understanding and compassion begins with us.

And that is one of the reasons I’m here to learn about ourselves, learn about who we are in this world, and how we can better ourselves. So when we interact with another person, we can better each other and be together. It begins with us. Finding peace, no matter what’s going on outside, always starts with us.

You know by now, and if you are new here, you will learn that one of my tools and mostly my number one tool for centering ourselves is breathing. How many times do we go through our days without paying attention to our breathing? It’s automatic. Yes, there is a life that’s breathing us, but we can pay attention to that breathing, to that force. So let’s begin to create peace by connecting with our breath and knowing that every single person, even those whose behavior is not acceptable or who we disagree with or who we judge. Those people are also breathing. And there is a commonality. That’s a common thread in each of us that we are all created by a higher power.

When we breathe, we connect with that higher power because we start to pay attention to it. So let’s breathe together just for a moment. On Thursday, I would like to emphasize another tool that you can use to find peace. For now, the most important is to feel and to breathe yourself into peace. Every time you notice that you go into that place of anger or upsetness or turmoil, anything that pushes you out of your balance, notice that and know that you have the power to stop it.

What we want is to get out and stay out of fear. And when I say fear, as we talked about this last week, that also entails anger and upset and being worried and in despair. That’s all one energy, just different manifestations of the same, but it’s all the same root. So we want to stay away from this energy, and we would like to bring in more light energy, the love energy, compassion, understanding, and peace.

So breathe with me now. I would like to ask you, I invite you into this space to take a deep breath through your nose and hold that breath for a moment or two and release it slowly through your mouth.

And take another deep breath into your nose and feel how the air and the oxygen are filling your rib cage and hold it and then release it. You can also play with your breath. You can take a breath very gently as we did and exhale gently and slowly as if you were blowing through a straw that helps the nervous system calm down. Or you can also take a deep, deep, deep breath in, hold for a moment, and let it out quickly. This kind of breath can help us release negative energy that is stuck in our bodies. You can even use your body as an instrument by making a fist when you inhale and tightening your muscles. And when you exhale, just let it all out, relaxing your muscles as well. You can also jump around and shake it off. Because we want that anger, we want that upsetness, we want that negative fear-based energy out of your system. We want that out of our system, and then we breathe in love and joy and understanding. It might not be easy at first, but please find something good in your life. Whatever that is, a child’s smile, a good song, dancing, singing, anything, or just looking out the window and looking at nature, how beautiful it is, regardless of the weather. Find something good. Find good inside, and then it will be easier to find good in the other person.

Thank you for accepting my invitation to breathe and to find peace in tumultuous times. It’s essential to stay out of fear. So let’s do it together. Let’s give each other a helping hand and support each other regardless of our opinions, our differences. We are all one, one people, one heart.

With much love and light to you,

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