Deflating the Monster

Intended to be written gender-neutral

They woke up this morning with a heavy, wrenching feeling in their heart. It was tangible how a thought from yesterday started to spread in their whole body and tried to take over the precious dreams. The dreams that they were carefully nurturing with love, the dreams that were the passport to freedom, and to the life they would love. 


It all began with a strategy call they choose to have with a coach. It looked harmless and innocent. They were excited and trusting, open to all possibilities as they always were. In that moment of openness, the unexpected happened; a stroke. A cold, sharp object – right into the heart. It hurt, and it was paralyzing. They felt doomed. Useless. Worthless. They felt the very emotions that they didn’t ever want to feel. It was there, monstrous and scary, right in front of them. They thought that was the end. There was no way out as they were silently begging for relief that didn’t seem to arrive. Ideas were racing through their head; all seemed pointless and useless. Just as useless as they were…

Wait for a second!

Suddenly there was a quiet yet steady voice awakening from the deep darkness. A glimpse of light was rising. Something fresh was showing itself from all that crap that was piling up within to slowly infect their entire system, like a virus. It had been dormant for so long, but now it was ready to win its game. 

It was a dull, dreadful battle, and they knew that the only chance to win it was to stop fighting. The response was immediate, “You can not win without fighting! Go on!” They sensed that fighting would have only fed the monster to become stronger. It was begging for it. It wanted that fight so badly. But now they knew, why. That would have been the end of them.

As they were despairingly crying out and searching for help in their mental toolbox, they were pressured by the feeling of running out of time. The gate was closing for the monster to take over. They can not just give in, can they? They felt lost. Their reasoning was not working anymore. They wanted this to be over. They wanted peace. 


They must surrender. Surrender to the fighting. Surrender to the storm. Surrender, and let go of control. 

They heard the quiet voice again, saying, “Let’s send this thing to the bench. We will meet you in three days, and we will talk. We will talk like intelligent fellows.” 

Quiet. It all went silent. The monster was deflated, sitting on the bench, watching. They were looking at it, and it was looking back at them, saying nothing. Not a sound. A long, relieved sigh followed the deep inbreath. The drama was over. 

Before they got in the car to start the day, they set a new intention. They decided for their dream. They decided that the power within is stronger than any monsters. They grabbed their stuff and hit the road in joy. They sang along with their favorite Hungarian artist and repeatedly decided for a brand new day.

“You are born with the right to be happy, with the right to enjoy life. If you take responsibility for your own life, for your own actions, then your future is in your hands, and you can live in heaven. Surrender all those ideas about being what you are not, and become what you really are. When you surrender to the real you, you surrender to Life.” 

~ Don Miguel Ruiz, Wisdom from The Mastery of Love

Your Turn

The question, I invite you to contemplate on, is that how do you deal with the monster(s) that appears in your life? (If any.) Share it with us in the comments below.

Thank you with much love to your victory,



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