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“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Imagine a stunning golden telescope mounted on a mahogany tripod is standing in front of you. A note is attached saying, “Look and see your future.” You’re hesitant, and doubt awakens as you ponder how this could be possible. Meanwhile, you can’t help noticing your rising curiosity and can hardly resist the urge to look through the lens…

Tuning in

The first step is to find a quiet place and relax your body into a comfortable seat. Focus your attention on the heart area. Imagine your breath is flowing in and out of your heart or chest area, breathing a little slower and deeper than usual. Find an easy, comfortable rhythm. Settle into your beautiful body as you continue to breathe through your heart. You may express appreciation, thanking yourself for the experience. Take another deep, cleansing breath and stretch your body as you feel the shift in your inner state. As you exhale, stretch up with your arms, imagine your fingertips touching the sky and the stars. You’re now ready to receive what the Universe has for you — and believe me (or not), the Universe has plenty for you.


I always loved lying in the grass, watching the white fluffy clouds floating in the sky, imagining being a bird. I’ve given myself the space to daydream throughout my life, where my imagination can soar free and where nothing stands in the way. Later I learned that imagination is one of the six mental faculties (among intuition, will, perception, memory, and reason) that are the interface between the Universe and us. Like the five senses that support us in navigating our physicality, our mental faculties help us navigate our lives in connection with our infinite nature. When used harmoniously, imagination becomes a tool that allows us to create what we would truly love in our lives.

The Unfold

It wasn’t long before I traveled to Hungary to surprise my parents last year that a vision emerged during one of those daydreaming sessions. Once I relaxed my mind and body and asked the door-opening question, “What would I love?” out of the blue, I saw myself knocking on my parents’ door in Hungary. What happened next was astonishing. I didn’t just see the image in my mind but felt and experienced every little detail as if I was there. I could feel my parents’ hugs, hear their voices, and feel the sun and the gentle breeze on my face. I felt the power of that unexpected surprise, the tears of joy running down my cheeks, and the incredible love in my body. I truly wanted to bring this dream to life, and I also wanted to give my parents this experience. Despite all the reasons why I couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t do it, I stayed on course and started taking steps in the direction of my dream. Two months later, I was sitting on an airplane flying to Hungary. The rest is history and a life-giving memory that we will remember forever!

So, you have a unique telescope with a note saying, “Look and see your future,” and you finally surrender to the urge to look. What do you see? What is the image that unfolds? Is this what you’d really love? The true vision begins to reveal itself as you clean the lens from disbelief, fear, doubt, and worry. The image of your life becomes more precise and more defined as you give yourself permission to dream.

What would you love?

Q: What would you love if nothing (not age, gender, talent, circumstances, the economy, social status, etc.) would stand in your way?
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Journey with Love

Manifesting Your Dreams Through Loving More

by Viktoria Seavey

Learning about who you are and becoming the person you truly want to be is a lifelong journey. I believe that we were born to love and to always find new ways to express and reflect that love.

Loving, accepting, and appreciating yourself is an extraordinary journey. In summary, journeying with love offers the adventures and the opportunities you have been dreaming of.

In this book, I guide you through ten steps that lead you to a more meaningful and more fulfilling connection with yourself and others. It is presented as a journal to encourage you to take notes of your thoughts, feelings, insights, and ideas.

My intention with this book is to offer an opportunity for you to strengthen your connection with your heart and with love on all levels, and to help you be freer and lighter as you move through life. As you practice and internalize the simple steps laid out here, you will understand how love can be the key to living the life you want.


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