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I’m delighted I took Viktoria’s Intuitive Painting class. It’s not something I would normally do. Quite the opposite. I challenged Viktoria. “If I create something that doesn’t make me want to throw up, I’ll promote your work.” Since I might even frame and hang my painting, I am eager to do anything I can to make sure more people have the opportunity to take this class. It is truly healing.

Viktoria’s calm, confidence about her work enabled me to embark on the process with minimum resistance. But all the while, the little voice in the back of my head was saying, “This is stupid. You don’t know what you’re doing.” But I just kept on playing with the paints and the colors and begging my mind to be quiet. It’s not used to doing that.

At one point, I said to Viktoria, “I just can’t stop judging.” She asked me for a word that is the opposite of judging. I guess my mind had shut down because I couldn’t think of it. “Acceptance,” she offered. Something shifted then, and I began to enjoy painting.

When the session was over, I asked Viktoria who she thinks best benefits from her work. She said, “People who are willing to grow and to go beyond what they see as their limitations. People who want to learn to change things they think they can’t change. To fix what is broken.”

At first, I didn’t relate that to myself or my life. Then I realized that I am in pain for my country. That although I cannot change history, I can affect how I deal with circumstances. Since the class, I have even greater appreciation for the wonderful things in my life, and I am focusing on what I can do for my community.

Susanna Opper, writer & consultant

November 20, 2016


  1. Basia Alexander

    It’s a wonderful experience to “Accept” when the mind is busy judging. I received a similar healing during a doll-making class…but I think that painting would also be an opportunity for amazing transformation within. Good for Susanna and congrats to you for your commitment to help people in this deep and wonderful way.

    • Viktoria Seavey

      Thank you for your kind words, Basia. Susanna did an incredible job in transforming her feelings and creating “Confluence.” Her trust in the process amazed me. Intuitive Painting might be a good fit for you too. I encourage you to give it a try ;)


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