The Visual Journaling Adventure

The Visual Journaling Adventure Only two days left until we dive into the 7-day Visual Journaling Adventure. I held the very first Facebook Live Video session on Friday in the closed Facebook Group where we will meet. There were some interesting glitches (the image...

Creating Love

I spent last Friday’s Intuitive Painting time in an intimate setting. Susanna was surprised when she found out that she was the only participant. A two-hour Intuitive Painting with exclusive guidance, attention, and love. What a gift! Intuitive Painting is a one-of-a-kind experience. If you ever decide to give this unique class a go, I will welcome you with an open heart. ღ


I’m delighted I took Viktoria’s Intuitive Painting class. It’s not something I would normally do. Quite the opposite. I challenged Viktoria. “If I create something that doesn’t make me want to throw up, I’ll promote your work.” Since I might even frame and hang my painting, I am eager to do anything I can to make sure more people have the opportunity to take this class. It is truly healing.

The Origin of Intuitive Painting

One day while meditating, I found myself in a beautiful art room with a large canvas, a magic paintbrush, and hundreds of different colors. As I was experimenting with the colors, gorgeous images came to life. I will always remember this amazing experience that inspired me to explore painting outside of my meditations, using “real” tools.

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