What Is Love?

Have you ever taken the time to ponder what love is? What does this word mean to you? Sitting in silence with open curiosity and allowing the answers to come is quite an experience and can lead to beautiful discoveries. I’d like to take you on that journey today. We will be peeling off the layers to deepen our understanding and shine a light on this magnificent word’s essence. And even the most gratifying answer will only be scraping the surface. But you might look at the word love differently after this adventure. Let’s go.

Pathway to Freedom

I believe that true freedom begins when we are free of fear, free of anxiety, free of judgments, expectations, shame, blame, control, you name it. We have the opportunity to recognize and let go of our depleting thoughts and emotions and free ourselves from them. We can change our attitude, how we feel, how we look at things, and how we look at ourselves, including our lives on this planet. To succeed in this endeavor, we have to realize the power and practice the art of letting go.

There is a Choice

Humans are astonishing beings, uniquely clever and creative. We can do extraordinary things, climb the highest mountains, submerge in the deepest oceans, even go to Space. History has shown us that we would walk the extra mile when determined. An incredible power lies within each of us. So it truly makes me wonder how we can ever navigate ourselves to a place where we feel stuck and think there is nowhere to go.

The Inner Cheerleader

Making resolutions is a hot topic at the beginning of a new year. We dive in with excitement and the desire to change for the better. We are determined to get rid of old habits and bring in new ones, and we do well — we are motivated, and it feels great to have the power in our hands. So the question is, how do we stay motivated and energized and find the way to succeed in our efforts?

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