The Art of Saying No

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Holistic Wellness

Have you ever done something that you didn’t want to because you couldn’t say no?

I have — many times.

I felt that I was forced to do things that I didn’t agree with. I felt that I didn’t dare to say no, and I had to comply no matter what. I was afraid of the consequences: punishment, rejection, and not being loved. As physical symptoms, tightness, shortness of breath, pain, and heaviness were attached to that fear. The debilitating feeling of not having choices, and being trapped was my everyday company, until I said, “Enough.”

It cannot be further from the truth that we have no choice. One of the great lessons I learned that there are always more than one alternatives.


When it appears to be a single-choice situation, we have to look closer or change our perspective to see the possibilities.

Many times we see one option only because we address the matter from the viewpoint of fear. Fear of not being loved and accepted.

Fear limits us. It holds us imprisoned. It wants us to believe that we are powerless and that we are not the creator of our realities.

Everything changes as soon as we step into our real power. Suddenly, things become clear, and opportunities arise. We start breathing deeply, and the energy begins to move. And it’s because we changed our perspective and stepped into our higher power. At that moment, we understand that we can approach any matter differently.

✓ We no longer allow the circumstances to rule our lives, but we stand firm in our hearts to make the best possible decisions.

✓ We no longer live in fear because we choose to respect, accept, and love ourselves.

I paid a high price for not standing up for myself. I no longer wished to do that, so I began to master the art of saying no—with love and compassion.

There are moments when we do have to say no

for our sake, for our integrity.

Reflective Questions for you to ponder:

How easy or difficult is it for you to say no? Why?


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