Your energized vision of the future can overwrite and shift your current circumstances.

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I had the privilege to connect with many visitors at the Body, Mind & Soul Health Expo in Pittsfield, MA. One common thread I found was that we all have an invisible force inside of us that pushes us to improve and grow.

Soul Speaks

The calling for change often arises in forms like relationship issues, health problems, lack of confidence and drive, overwhelming stress, and more. These are real, everyday concerns of those with whom I spoke that day. Unfortunately, we often normalize those concerns and befriend them forever, as it was the way of life.

I am a big advocate of the idea that the point of power is within us. Too often, we rely on external sources to get answers – we ask our parents, friends, teachers, preachers, and Google for advice.

Where Wisdom Lies

We give our power away to those sources, and we close the connection to our innate wisdom. We then feel weak, unheard, unseen, unloved, and that can lead to deep frustration and mental, emotional, physical imbalance.

Overcoming the disappointments you might face is to acquire skills and knowledge in creating the life you’d love. Understanding and being honest with yourself about what components of your current life you don’t want to put up with any longer is the first step. From there, you are ready to move toward defining the exact feelings, activities, dreams, qualities you desire.

As a coach and mentor, one of my roles is to create and hold a safe space for people like you so they can stay grounded in and create from their own truths. It’s a big deal when it comes to decision-making, whether it’s relationship-related, health- and wealth-related, or connected to self-awareness and stress relief.


You might already have a few useful tools in your toolbox, that support you in building the life you love. However, acquiring new creative tools will allow you to be more productive or even speed up the building process.

Making a Vision Board is an excellent tool you can expand your self-care toolbox repertoire with. Sadly, we seldom take the time to craft and energize our vision in depth.

Having a Clear Vision

That’s exactly why I am hosting another Create Your Life Vision Board Retreat on February 22. So you can have space and the time to build your own unique vision on a poster board first, which will lay down the foundation for your renewed, precious life.

Your Turn

Are you feeling moved to learn more about this event? Just leave a comment in the comments section below and I send you all that to know about the retreat.

I can’t wait to hold the space for you, too.

With much love to your victory,

P.S. In the last retreat, participants created incredible momentum! Read Kristen van Ginhoven’s beautiful experience here.


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