Viktoria Seavey

Viktoria Seavey

Holistic Life & Health Coach, Wellness Artist

I support persons with chronic illness and pain to get more strength, confidence, and energy.

What I’m truly passionate about is energizing and empowering people to heal and to feel fearless, fulfilled, and free.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 14. The debilitating pain took over my life; it locked me in despair, destroyed my reality, and tossed me into depression. I was isolated without purpose.

For years, I had lived in the “rheumatoid arthritis hell” when I finally realized there is a way out.

Transformational Journey

After going through eight years of traditional treatment, I wanted more. I couldn’t accept the fact of having pain all the time. I didn’t want to experiment with different treatment plans anymore, and I certainly didn’t want the doctor’s office to be my second home for the rest of my life. I knew it had to be more. That was the point when I decided to take my healing in my hands.

I aimed for emotional and mental freedom, creative expression and self-empowerment. I acquired skills in meditation, energy medicine and holistic wellness.

In the process of learning, I turned the corner and helped myself get out of pain to live a medication-free, active, and productive life.

Holistic Empowerment

For the last few years, I’ve helped both women and men to get more strength, confidence, and vitality.

I’ve developed a program called the Holistic Empowerment Pathway™ to help those experiencing hopelessness, exhaustion, and frustration, to transform their lives so they can have more strength, confidence, and happiness.

Untouched Places

As a Holistic Wellness Artist, I’m like a trusted tour guide, helping you discover the rare, unknown places on your unique journey.

I know that the road is bumpy and challenging because I’ve been there!

As your guide on your healing journey, I provide you with the tools to navigate through this life-changing experience safely, confidently, and gracefully.

Working Together

Working together starts with a complimentary Clarity Call.

Then – if we are a good fit – in my 3-month program, I teach you first how to recognize and release mental and emotional blocks and resistance so you can awaken your body’s natural healing abilities. In the second phase, I inspire you to realign with your core essence so you can start creating your most delightful life yet. And finally, I energize you so you can ignite your innate healing powers to become fearless, fulfilled and free.

Safe Voyage

It’s like traveling with someone you trust. You want to be someplace beautiful, and experience healing and nourishment but have no idea how to get there safely. Working together equips you with the tools for a safe and relishing experience. Most importantly, it shows you how to take healing into your own hands and ignite your innate healing power to be fearless, fulfilled and free in this rare, untouched place.

Infinite Possibilities

Susan knew she needed to focus on regaining her health. Her attitude started shifting from the first session with me. She learned to listen to her body and her intuition and to spend energy and time on nurturing and loving herself. Her entire being has benefited from my confidence in her, and she was able to move forward with her life after illness and divorce. She says my unique approach to health has been a profound experience and has deeply affected her well-being.

Working together will help you take charge of your health and wellbeing and so you can ignite your innate healing power to become fearless, fulfilled and free.

Taking One More Step Toward Your Healing & Freedom

I’m here to support you in a way every person deserves to be supported, encouraged and empowered so you can shine in your full potential.

A complimentary Clarity Call will help you get started.

Schedule yours now!


After divorce and cancer, I knew I needed to focus on regaining my health. I am fortunate to have Viktoria for guidance and support. My entire being has benefited from her confidence in me. Her knowledge and gentle suggestions are powerful guidelines back to a better way of living.
Susan S

Working with Viktoria as my coach has freed me in ways I couldn’t have imagined when beginning this process. Her gentle manner and helpful suggestions invoked an immediate trust. It was truly a transformative journey and one I’m glad I took!
Kathryn S

Viktoria’s quiet, friendly presence, her insightful questions and fun exercises had me quickly back on my feet after I lost my bearings. Viktoria jumped in when I was in need of a listening ear, support and guidance. I feel forever grateful.
Iris T

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