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My name is Viktoria Seavey.

With Lifestyle Coaching and Intuitive Painting, I help people who are going through hard times to come out better on the other side.

I serve and support them on their journey of changing perspective and lifestyle, achieving emotional freedom, and making life more colorful.

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From Hungary to the United States

I began my holistic practice back in 2005 as a Bach Flower Therapy Counselor. I helped others heal themselves using Dr. Edward Bach’s flower remedies. Soon after, I was invited to teach the philosophy of the “Bach Flowers”, and counseling skills in Budapest, Hungary. While there, I advanced to the role of Spiritual and Motivational Counselor and then Spiritual Psychotherapy Counselor. I also have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social & Family Education and am certified as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My background enables me to incorporate psychological principles and health and lifestyle counseling into my coaching.

Through meditation, I discovered my creative nature and the healing qualities of art making. I use art as an additional tool for personal growth, self-expression, transformation, and wellness. Art making stimulates the imagination that is a magnificent force. It is through imagination that we unlock our creative potentials, awaken our senses, and bring infinite possibilities into our lives.

The Idea of the Whole

What makes me different from other coaches is that I look at the whole person. Our magic lies inside, so we start there and work from the inside out, focusing on ALL aspects of well-being: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Complete transformation can only happen when we nurture and align every aspect of ourselves. Throughout my coaching, I help my clients heal the relationship with themselves by tapping into self-love and using its power to change any aspect of their life.

My clients learn that it’s good – indeed, essential – to love themselves, and that makes all the difference.

Doctors Told Me That I Could Be in a Wheelchair by the Age of 30

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 14. I felt like my joints were my enemies. Even with traditional treatment, it was painful to move and to perform my everyday activities. Emotionally, I was self-destructive and made choices that led me deeper into my pain.

It was only by learning about myself that I was able to release the negative emotions I was holding and overcome the pain. Using the power of self-knowledge and self-love, I changed my life; healed old relationships, created healthy new ones, and even met my husband. Most importantly, I healed the relationship with myself, and I learned how to stop the illness from embittering me, how to take control over my thoughts, and how to be empowered to create anything I want. I became peaceful, compassionate and more loving. 

It is now my purpose to share what I’ve learned with those who want to overcome hard times and change their life for the better.

The Magic Is in You

You create your life through imagination, thoughts, emotions, attitudes, beliefs, etc.. All of them are powerful tools that shape your reality one way or the other. How do you want to use them?

You have choices. You can choose to live in fear, lack, and limitations, or you can choose love and the life you desire.

Why Are You Here?

Are you here because you’ve been playing it safe?
Have you painted yourself into a corner, and are you feeling stuck?
Do you want to do something for YOU instead of listening to everyone else?

What is your reason?
You can change, or you can go on with your life the same way.

It’s your choice. The road of love awaits. 

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