Empowering You

to Ignite Your Innate Healing Power

Welcome. I’m Glad You Are Here.

My name is Viktoria. I’m a Wellness Artist. As a mentor and holistic health coach, I help women with rheumatoid arthritis to get more confidence, strength, and vitality. But what I’m truly passionate about is empowering them to heal.

Want To Feel More and Heal More?

Let’s explore whether we’re a good fit and take it from here.

Holistic Empowerment For Women With Rheumatoid Arthritis

For the last few years, I’ve helped women get more strength, confidence, and vitality.

Recognizing the need, I’ve developed a signature methodology called the Holistic Empowerment Method™ to help women with rheumatoid arthritis experiencing exhaustion, depression, and frustration, transform their lives so they can have more strength, confidence, and happiness.

My promise is that you will be supported in a way every woman with rheumatoid arthritis deserves to feel supported, encouraged and empowered so you can shine in your full potential.

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