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I’m Viktoria

Holistic Wellness Artist

As a health & life coach, I am devoted to helping women with pain and health issues to get more strength, confidence, and vitality. 

My true passion is to empower people to heal and to feel fearless, fulfilled, and free.

Helping You Make the Move from Living in Pain
to Your Most Delightful Life

Dealing with any types of pain and ongoing health issues is daunting and extremely overwhelming. It’s a heavy struggle, one that wears you down. 

You do everything you can to get better, but despite your best efforts, your body is hardly responding. You are soundlessly crying for help or at least for someone who listens and understands you.

I can deeply connect with such experience because I’ve been there!

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My healing journey began when I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis soon after I turned 14. 

I lived in pain most of the time, and that altered my perceptions; I was terrified, isolated, and had no purpose. For years, I felt as if I was burning in a hell of inflammation and pain.

Change On The Horizon

After going through numerous treatments, and still feeling awful, I wanted more. I refused to accept living in “pain-hell” for the rest of my life. So I took my healing into my own hands and embarked on the quest of finding my zest, creativity, and freedom.

Taking Action

I learned meditation and made it a daily practice. I enhanced my lifestyle with quality habits in attitude, eating, relationships, home-practices, and more. In the process of learning, I turned the corner and helped myself get out of pain to live a medication-free, productive, and colorful life.

The Generous Present 

As a holistic wellness artist, health coach, and guide, I help others who are stuck in pain and illness to get unstuck and to create inner space, vitality, and momentum.

I’m most passionate about empowering people like you to heal themselves as they are discovering their truths and becoming fearless, fulfilled, and free.

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Engage in interactive exercises to recognize and acknowledge your strengths and talents,
and to explore a freer and fuller connection with yourself and others. 

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